Pots and Household Items

Abrasive paste for finishing household items. Pots, trays, metal bowls, and much more.

Another demanding branch is that of pots manufacturing, which deals with pans, pots, coffee-makers, teapots, kettles and so on…and also in this sphere Alchem has succeeded in getting its space.

The resolution of the end product and the formulations worked out for this sector, allow Alchem to be present also in this industrial field, where the automation of finishing cycles has asked for high quality products which are able to guarantee an excellent brightening effect in just few seconds. Together with the abrasive emulsions and solid compounds, even the technical buffs, made in sisal or cotton, have a very important role.

They must have the right and steady aggression degree for the very first cutting operations, also thanks to the impregnations made with even more technical resins.

For what concerns the finishing process, the buffs must also be made in a great weave and 1° quality cloth.

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