We have been a presence in the market for metal cleaning and polishing products for over 50 years

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Having been active in the metal cleaning and polishing product market for over 50 years, we’ve pioneered innovative abrasive solutions positively embraced by customers worldwide. Our product innovation aligns with technological advancements in machinery and materials.

Today, our abrasive pastes play a pivotal role in shaping everyday products across various sectors such as household, automotive, fashion, and design. Our company operates an advanced chemical laboratory dedicated to testing solutions and enhancing our product range. We prioritize production and efficient storage, ensuring constant product availability and swift shipments.

Our ongoing focus centers on crafting abrasive pastes and discs that not only extend processing times but also uphold unwavering quality. This translates to significant time and cost savings for our clients, a commitment we uphold daily.

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Following in the footsteps of S.O.L., P.A.F. snc is established, a specialized laboratory in the production of solid abrasive pastes for cleaning and polishing metals.


Continuing and expanding the abrasive production of P.A.F., ALCHEM SRL is born, continuing the production of abrasive pastes.


As a result of agreements with a major multinational and for logistical-production needs, ALCHEM SRL relocates production from Famea to Malpaga in a larger warehouse.


ALCHEM SRL enhances production capacity by introducing new tanks for storing liquefied greases and new mixers for manufacturing.


ALCHEM SRL introduces new types of treated cotton for the production of technical discs: BLUESKY - GREEN GRASS and TANGERINE TWIST.


The gradual and steady company growth has made it necessary to activate new working spaces. In 2021, the new unit is inaugurated, adjacent to the historic headquarters, housing new commercial areas and the new warehouse. In the same year we also added three machines: a pulp mixer, a solid pulp producer and one for cotton shearing.


Our company currently distributes to over 36 countries worldwide, from Europe to Asia and South America. We transform 2500 tons of raw material into solid and liquid abrasive pastes used in over 500 companies worldwide.

Our constant commitment to researching innovative and high-performance solutions helps many customers achieve better products with low production costs.

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