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European REACH regulations 1907/2006

Acting as abrasive compounds and polishing buffs supplier, our factory is aligning to the new European REACH regulations 1907/2006, concerning the evaluation, the registration and the supervision of chemical substances insertion on the European market.

All the products made by us (we are both formulators and distributors) are considered chemical preparations (since they are created by mixing two or more substances) or products with a non-intentional release of substances.

The prepared or the product with non-intentional release of material is not subjected to any kind of registration.

All our raw-material suppliers have confirmed in different ways their intention to pre-register undertaking the task to transmit the registration number within the terms specified in the REACH regulations list.

Therefore, in the case we are supplying you also raw material, our suppliers would give us the registration number (s we can’t proceed to their registration because we are not producers)

Moreover, we take on the task to update the Safety Data Sheets of our products as soon as we receive from our raw-material suppliers all the information we need to upgrade them.