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For over 15 years our company is on the metal polishing and finishing market.

Alchem is located on a total area of 2000 square metres, divided in 500  square metres for storage and warehouse, 500 square metres for production department, 500 square metres for research and laboratories and 200 square metres for commercial and administrative offices.

Thanks to our continue research in improving quality, reliability, safe and prompt service, the up-dating of machineries and their lay out along with  special technicians grant a constant increase in turn over and market shares.


Our Story

Following S.O.L. footsteps, P.A.F. snc has been established as a laboratory specialized in the production of solid abrasive compounds for metal polishing and brightening.

ALCHEM SRL has been founded in order to continue and to develop the abrasive compounds production set up by P.A.F., who went ahead with the business of brass handles manufacturing.

Because of agreements with a great corporation and because of logistical needs, Alchem moved from Famea to Malpaga, into a bigger warehouse.

ALCHEM enforced the productive capacity by the insertion of new tank for fluid grease storage and new mixers for manufacturing.

ALCHEM introduces new types of treated cottons suited for the production of technical discs: BLUEAKY- GREEN GRASS and TANGERINE TWIST

A look into the future


Today Alchem has customers all over Italy, in the most important European and Mediterranean countries.

Always with great attention to the health matter, environmental protection, Alchem offers a safe and tidy work environment with a right maintenance of technical working tools. Alchem carefully follows all the prescribing rules concerning pollution and removal; this is for us and our workers the essential conditions to continue and do with serenity a good work.


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