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Abrasives treatments on metals

Tested and personalized products

In Alchem, the concept of product is not closed off from the offered services which contribute to increase the quality of the product and which assure the total satisfaction of the customer.

When the customers asks for particular needs, expert technicians from Alchem’s laboratory give specific consultations in order to offer to every client the best suited product or to define the essential modifications to be done so that the product can be personalized on the basis of the needs of the consumer.

In fact, the products are tested in the laboratory and continuously improved to react to new needs and, on demand, the compounds can be customized on peculiar technical requests.

Safe and on time Transportation

Once the product has been customized, Alchem is able to provide even a safe and on time shipment thanks to an equipped vehicle fleet, which work daily all over the national territory.

To better deal customer’s requests, Alchem has two different commercial departments, who take care respectively of Italian and foreign customers with the aim to offer consultation in the best possible way.